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of butter are floating on top a fair sample cannot be taken.

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and give him discomfort. The lesson to be learned from all

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gr. XXX— xl (1.944—2.592). In this class of cases Warburg's tincture

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tense, remit or almost wholly intermit every day or second day; these re-

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to be regarded as septic in nature. In these cases arthritis leads rapidly

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If a diabetic should eat peaches at all, and he surely may

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coexist with these troubles in the form of contracted kidney,

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ingly small number of cases: only fifteen out of seventy-seven.

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filled with water at 90°. The infant, whose stony gaze indicated the approach

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Every rise of body temperature must be accompauied by an increased

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in children. In such, vomiting comes on early and is apt to be repeated

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intense pain in the loins, and the fever continuing for several days unless