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is necessary if proper representation is to be obtained. The
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ules on a coverglass so as to form a smear preparation, staining it
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probably induced in most persons in the course of a few seconds, and that at
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achkocidin is a comprehensive formula for treatment
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High School Principals take in the matter. The number of young
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accident usually involves the pubic symphysis first and next the right
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the ground often too rapidly; the great speed of the ascent and dizzy descent
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presents similar appearances, though often of less severity. The ocular con-
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writer in one of our medical journals gravely announced as a remedy,
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Richardson. Plymouth : James Thacher, Daniel Shute, Simeon
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During the fit the patient should be laid on a large
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Dr. W. H. DRUMMOND, Prof. Medical Jurisprudence, Bishop University, Montreal, Canada: "In
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the abdominal incision is then closed, giving a spout-
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+ Make non-commercial use of the files We designed Google Book Search for use by individuals, and we request that you use these files for
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to effect any improvement. What is the good of piling on fuel where
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yet tetanus never follows such treatment. While the Vartry
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attack of rheumatism nor to malaria, but to septic infection
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a 20-grain dose of lithium carbonate produce severe general prostration in a
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physicians today experience many of these ills, and many
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of the elbow, when the application of ice-bags is desired.
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The effects of extrinsic poisons are manifested in different parts of the
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nervous and circulating systems, or of stimulating the torpid functions
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left upper extremity and bilateral oscillation with the heel-
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more dangerous than when a similar amount of surface in any other
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Nouvelles observations sur I'e'tiologie et la propliylaxie
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and to recommend, that where patients will not submit to any
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enjoy the self-esteem that comes from knowing who we
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generally on the parietal layer, with an extravasation
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hope for a future relief from an evil that has become deeply rooted
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very extraordinary. No one article in their .catalogue of useful things
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last session we had several cases of sclerodermia shown, and the discussion
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