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stomach, and not of duodenum. Osier's observation cor-

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culates that the labouring classes, especially those

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pages of a single column each, and is sold for $5 a copy. On the front

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December 10th. The purgative powder has produced free action on the bowels, and also

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adjournment for dinner, after which a trip by buckboard was

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well, but the part has now healed. Continue the febrifuge pow-

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brane of the small intestine, is the deposit of a layer (whose

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mentally deny It ; but by naming It audijoly, you are liable to

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fevers " to a country doctor, who said that he seldom lost

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then boiled and eaten in the usual way ; meanwhile drink

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Marriage of Epileptics and Imbeciles: Every man and woman, either

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pulse, therefore, must ever regulate the employment of blood-

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its volume and tension ; the temperature remains elevated, but pre-

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the Atmosphere — The Causes of some Contagious Diseases exclusively deriTcd

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75,000. Excellent salary leading to early partnership.

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which instead of producing the severe affection described in the last two

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scribed a general dietetic hygienic regime, a moderate

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in recovery. Difficulties would naturally not be wanting, for not all

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after cauterization from a second attack in event of re-

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July 24.— Applied a third tent, and gave directions to bathe the parts

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too remote and too uncertain to draw the educated physicians of Eu-

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male anatomy and physiology that is being brought about

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may add, as a matter of collateral interest, that I even

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starting-point in that remarkable series of improvements

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and he falls dead, he falls dead with heart in^liastole

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the vertebral column is the seat of the disease," and " how soon after

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may be strictly spoken of as their offspring : as yet of stunted

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with purple spots and bruise-like discolorations, and suffering

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The autlit»r has had peculiar opportunities for the preparation of such

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The Importance of Truth in the Education of our Children, 290

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and the names of some medical men are in consequence

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tures on my conduct, and I now submit to the Profession the

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The deafness which follows scrofulous angina, and is due to obliteration of the

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was lower than the left; a slight cur>^ature of the spine in the dorsal region, ^ith concavity

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I have tried to outline, first, what the natural guardian of a person