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interferon therapy.®^ Unfortunately, interferon is in-
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occurring in nature, and tend to throw doubt on dust being an important
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was very anxious to have every chance given to her, I decided to
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and dilated capillary vessels anastomosing with one another and
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duration of the case, before death brings relief, seems to vary.
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the shock to the patient was alarming at once ; however, the operation
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ly apt to affect scrofulous individuals, or old men who have led a
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3. By its action in stimulating peristalsis, increasing diffiusi-
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experts, such as his fellow-jurymen, in favor of his
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rustics, and at the commencement of the attack. Itrapidly sub-
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places in cities where daylight illumination is reduced by the, walls
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which may be more marked than that seen in tetanus. In one case it
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The TREATMENT of chronic rheumatism has been largely experi-
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the liver and spleen, by percussion, especially in chronic cases
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The resulting gas, not being able to escape by the anus, distends
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subject from a somewhat novel point of view. Dr. Macpherson,
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Here the fornix and the snrfkce of the third cerebral ventricle were softened. An
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Cambridge with t)iose lield out by the University of London,
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became his assistant and guide. Though the operation finally
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tion of tears, or of saliva, or of sweat, as in several cases that have come
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upwards, is inserted in the sclerotic, at the distance of half a line from the
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Dr. Hunter states that of several thousand new-born and perfect
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3. A Manual of the Diseases of the Eye. By C. Macnamara, Sur-
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capricious verdicts ? The acquittal of Touchett may have been perfectly
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mentally deny It ; but by naming It audijoly, you are liable to
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of iron — green vitriol — whence the acid is called oil of vitriol.
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busy perhaps in extracting a tumor, or something of
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liar condition sometimes observed is liquefaction of the
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to Oberwiesenthal in August, she passed two more entire worms. She
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performed in infancy for a closed rectum and a rectal
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satisfactory. The total number of patients treated has been
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fiv&t met with this disease about sixteen years ago.