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Miliary aneurysms. — In 1868 Charcot and Bouchard (15) made their

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1903 Ithaca, New York, the seat of Cornell University, was visited by a

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those which immediately receive the lymphatic vessels from the diseased

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perature are also important, but it does not seem to

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nitis, in these cases, being attributable to the tuberculous cachexia. So

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into vices of a degrading character. They are gluttony, intem-

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in two minutes. If the ring appears at once or in a few seconds the albumin content

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Tangreary's^ measurements. The second is at the junction of the

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found in 13, and in 37 of Rogers's they were present in 16. In the larger

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tryptic digestion, and then mixed with food and given to dogs bv

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of Peru, after first irrigating with bichloride of mercury, 1-3,000.

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of hydrogen dioxide is applied, that of the evolution of gas form-

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Dr. Williamson, to whom I am indebted for permission to publish the

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6. The four basal thermotaxic centers are situated as fol-

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peated examinations without disclosing any injury save

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this as a disease, complex as its pathology is, and diverse as may

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longer than that of meat; accordingly more gastric juice

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for a time, especially under careful lavage and diet, with encouragement.

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hernia, when not complicated with other injuries, is not

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