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By E. W. Dwight, M.D., Instructor in Legal Medicine, Harvard
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mass of blood circulating in the thoracic viscera, ;\u.\ f by weak-
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Tith. The stewards owe a ilebt of gratitude to you for
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wntch being amended by Dr. Smith, of Columbus, Ohio, was adopted as follows:
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there are various ways of rendering the hands surgically clean.
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Artery. There was no award of the Fothergillian me-
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edges brought together with silver sutures. The wound was then
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is much larger than the other light-absorbing substances present,
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remember the symptoms of diphtheria. Diphtheria may give the
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tions are employed so that the former use of dilutions of i to 20 and i to 40 no no
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with respect to our knowledge of cholera or other epidemic
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occurred under observation.- — Jefferson Hospital.
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iM.K rii-tii|'ie .mil murii-Mij-ii.' .ip'[-i-.iiMna e nt tin- -timl -liquid In- niitnl.
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too exclusive consideration, especially as regards treat-
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Medical Association, held in Detroit, June 13-15. 1916, has given a further dis-
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must be taken out thoroughly. There is no use in simply snipping out part
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its limits, where we perceive, creeping on, or near the surface, a few
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En^laud is of comparatively recent date. We are re-
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wash the milk-pans. Murchison was also able, in an outbreak which
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after the receipt of the trauma and this state of affairs progressively
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III. Exposition de la Doctrine medicale Homoeopathique, &c. &c.
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musical sound, resembling the vibrations of a fine wire chord.
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held the chair of surgery at Greifswald, to which he was
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topic gestation. J. Am. M. Ass., Cliicago, 1896, xxvi, 680
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comparatively short time, and thus give rise to an unsatisfactory
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but also were the best aviators on the station. Neuberger picked out
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Arneth's method is exacting and tedious. Numerous attempts have been made
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contained in red blood cells. In 1904 Berestneff described several forms in
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climax of the auricular systole would be lost during its decline, and could not.
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may occupy an unusually low position, or may not have been lifted
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pletion, they will convince physicians and sanitarians that their
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guttate and nummular, and sometimes gyrate. Behind the ears the
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