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palpitation and dyspnoea. This exemption however has been
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a generahzed narrowing of the whole aorta would suggest very
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should be adopted, had completely recovered. Dr. Law exhibited several
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or four weeks, so as to allow the scar to become lirm.
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application of virulent plague bacilli to a mucous or cutaneous surface,
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The patient was examined by him only a week ago, and
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firm manner, we can ascertain all the gradations and all the sliades
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University of Edinburgh. Sixth Edition. 30 Plates. 14s. net.
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successful treatment is to restore the proper concavity of the front surface of the
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infectious body fluids, 26 (8%) involved sharp instruments
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into the cornea of rabbits gives rise to intracellular
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thirty years of age. Usually strong and robust, but suf-
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On September 28th Mr Stiles made a transverse incision
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be released if the catch happens to be opposite the thumb of the op-
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surgeon. Mr. Teale, after 20 years' experience with chloro-
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that, as respects the depressing effects of confinement in heated rooms on
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drive the unfortunate victim into expressions and acts beyond his
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malarious fevers. Indian M. Gaz., Calcutta, 18G9, iv, 112;
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■whilst a small fireplace in the vicinity of the space allotted to
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Ovaries and Tubes: An Analysis of Eighty-five Cases. — W. L.
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(febre amarella) que reinou eiu Pernanit)nco e na Bahia no
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though less distinct than that described in published
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the attack. Generally, however, the duration of the disease, in fatal cases,
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the result of some as yet unknown disease of the organs presiding over
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principle. Toxemia affords the easiest explanation of
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fully applied, they are comfortable and almost as firm as
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times met with in cases that come mider observation at a late period, and in
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tistics given elsewhere which give the amount of money ex-
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believed positively in its curative value, having wtnessed
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membrane; the former sent in an imperfect septum, which
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Pathology. — There are many circumstances in the history of the more
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ovaries, which were very much enlarged and on one side cystic. I did
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tient from a very early jieriod in the disease shows
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Progress Report, we regard this as important evidence that pellagra
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sent symptoms of either obstruction or ulceration or both, when they
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diarrhoea — nor do they include cases prescribed for at the infirmary. Now, in
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from 6 (43%) of the 14 specimens from women with positive
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it more profitable to use the feeds that can be grown on the farm. The corn is
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but in at least a dozen. We had done so much cleaning and