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ever, the formation of plasma cells. Further, as Leloir found, there is a

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doctor, and he relies on them. Only those specially interested in tuber-

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clinical observers will be better able to agree as to what the maximal

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for this notorious fact, by considerations of climate, but the constitutional \

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of chloride, arsenical, or sulphurous waters, capable of improving

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by the pressure of gravid uterus upon renal vessels. Ordered

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Vorschlag zur Operation der Blepharontosis. Wien. med.

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certain means of doing good to our fellow-men, than mere preaching

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Progress Report, we regard this as important evidence that pellagra

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constitutional loss of resistance on the part of the nervous

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until three doses have been given, if necessary ; the

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results afford ; this may be called vicarious therapeutics.

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Almost the entire length of the oblique incision struck the left rectus

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not to be considered as dangerous to man. They include the Indian

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greater facility and certainty of the admission of ground-air

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ances of nutrition occurring in the human body, either limited to certain