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ing acute rheumatism, and whether or not, when it did occur,
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science discussions are sponsored by the Marshfield Clinic
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cause of congenital torticollis is very unlikely. Of some fifty
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and on the 16th the main ligatures (two in number) came away
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The tube is usually lengthened by a piece of rubber tubing connected
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ment. The presence of jaundice, as well as the negative results from an exam-
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j stance above mentioned at once satisfactorily explained the cause of the
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at some point in its course. Syphilitic periostitis is also to be excluded.
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1890, X, 734-737. — Minney (J. E.) Hot water in injuries
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and a sense of general weakness. On examination a mass larger than the
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occasion. In private practice the physician is usually
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moved. Shreds of the membrana tympani and malleus remained
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the gonococcus and its toxins at the site of infection
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I am usually unable to see, but as far as his history goes he
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The Site. — The point usually chosen for vaccination is on the arm over
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of cure, and is characterized by pain, distension, vomiting, and
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heated steel needle is inserted into the wound, and is moved
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twenty-three months. Pachymeningitis is not given by
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nent channel for the escape of urine from the bladder,
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menstruation, and the puerperium. Another source of
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observation in the hospital at the time, so that the student may
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system. While I admit that a number of these cases may be treated
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the spinal distribution of the nerve, and it is due most commonly
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on the Hand while noting its anomalies and diseases contains
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It is scarcely necessary to dwell at length upon the additional
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where he lodged. On visiting him, he would be surprised
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had come, they would again return, and aid the Associa-
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commensurate result witli regard to the security of the
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types. The specialist will have these Reports always at his hand ; the
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Transactions, .\merican Lan-ngological .\ssociation. Vol. xxxv, pp.
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benefited him for the moment, but he soon relapsed, and was about
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and especially to young people. All this discussion
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this disease. In 1866 he published the reporo of the autopsy in
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troducer. The regulation of the strength of the spring was found to be
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however, not safe to assume the formation of pus from this sign, for the
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words, it is a purely cerebral phenomenon, of which they instinctively
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causes, could not further be accounted for but by this vague assumption. On
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and a blood examination was made. The leucocyte count was i8,chx),