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It is now a year and nine months since the first opera-
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during the convalescence to prevent a return to improper diet,
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See, also, Paccliioiii (Antonius) [in 1. s.]. Disserta-
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body ; and the present case affords a marked instance
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disease. 1 G8 had the specific mark of previous vaccination ; 13 had been
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terred modem obstetricians from discarding what in most
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that the soft structures should be thoroughly separated from the
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their doses and activity on one and on the other side the Atlantic.
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there is a possibility of making life reasonably livable by change
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nosis between this disease and what is called croup,
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ment, was applied. The Faradic battery was used, the positive
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products. These results, however, do not by any means
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fever. The digestive apparatus is constantly disturbed, some-
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of the epilepsy, she has had three or four seizures.
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in the percentage of haemoglobin during suprarenal treatment,
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Frangenheim has operated in 25 cases; of these, have
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the out-patient department was wonderfully brilliant,
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Pressure on any of the large venous trunks, obstructing the now of the
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baffle our expectations and disappoint our preconceived opinions :
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which afforded a fair test of the efficacy of the treatment ;
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Figs. 18-21. — To illustrate a mode of turning of a stationary individual (see text).
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made a good recovery, going home four weeks later. If anything,
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lesion cannot be stated with any degree of certain^
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colectomy with ileostomy, was admitted for takedown of
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ished. The cough gradually got worse, and a pliysician was sent for who
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1903. Martin, Charles F., 33 Durocher St., Montreal, Canada.
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above. It is not incompatible with a prolonged extra-uterine existence,
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American Cancer Society — National Prostate Cancer Detection
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last two years he had also been subject to epileptic fits, recurring at intervals
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nil the power that rightfully belongs to him, l)ut it will be
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with th.e warm bath ; yet it is certain, that it did not prevent
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one eyelid to be held ajiart by an assistant, and the other by the physician ; but the
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ble with the jaws. During all this time, says the author, the
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ence has led me to think that this statement is not too strong.
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board partition only, a very dangerous neighbor for
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wretched, and there was a history of great alcoholic excess. The
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suffused with blood, and during the three hours after his
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By E. W. Dwight, M.D., Instructor in Legal Medicine, Harvard
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puncture, which I had overlooked, was then done, and S. pallida