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ham, Me., for your examination and advice, and that you were kind
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irregular and rapid — bad. Pulse index in pneumonia. — Mac-
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us to carry on our work. It is up to the Health Officer to know every
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in other cases, these symptoms are associated with those denoting imperfec-
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should test it by observing its reaction to light ;
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Kahler observed a gummatous cerebral arteritis while traces of the
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^ho would undertake to prove, by ingeniously devised experiments, that there
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pleasure to certify, that the Metallic Artificial Leg,
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tions where the previous parasitic lesions have been, the treatment is
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Observations on the Natural History of Traumatic Tetanus.
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the intention, if the kidney proved to be tubercular, simply to
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patient recovered, only ^.ith almost entire loss of memory, especially of
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case with the interrupted sutures, and by adopting Dieffenbach's plan
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"2. If chloroform be added to distilled or any good drinking water, in the pro-
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the treatment of which chloroform was not used. From several hundred
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palsy is very common. It is a peripheral toxic neuritis and usually
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Rangoon, Burma.^° — Venereal affections of the blad-
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in anumber of cases of whitlow and other phlegmonous lesions, both
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by the administration of alcohol and such drugs as ammonia,
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taken place; there was the same amount of insensibility;
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could not bear large doses of any tonic ; some have
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27. Evans, J. R., and Bouslog, J. S. : Intractable Heartburn
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