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The operation must not be regarded as an end in itself, but as
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city. The remaining moiety includes the entire foreign
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sponding to glomerular nephritis, when the pathological conditions
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Portugal, 4 in Germany, 4 in Asia, 6 in Africa, and 1,612 in
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Taking Prussia as his standard of comparison. Dr. Decaisno
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not know a single expert in the country. I received the names, from one source and
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would separate this extensive department of medical
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terations in calibre of the retinal vessels are due to certain
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late it into renewed activity until once more it enters into
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out beyond the Union, then' is no regular medical inspection at all.
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These phenomena are seldom due to actual gangrene, but are generally
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m atiD aUe to return to its expiratory state, as it needs no aid from the
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inflammatory zone which frequently surrounds such growths.
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utility in this disease. On account of its useful properties it
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examinations, usually two or three a year, and except
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a most important point VFould seem to be the separation of the
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is generally thought of as being a disease in which there are certain
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the Macrocosmos ; and as having peculiar specific relations
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r-i tH C<» "^ CO CO CO "^ "^ CJ "T** CO £> CQ COCO
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B.Sc, Birmingham. (Six months' laboratory course of hygienic chemistry; a
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gestive stricture, in which rapid swelling of some part
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educational institutions. The early struggles of the
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plete obstruction of the terminal portion of the duod-
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tant:*, who either carry their products up the rivers to the cities of
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locations of each of the wounds that may have been incurred by
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at the South End and in the Roxbury District, are requested to send them to the
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teratomata which get an attachment to the neurenteric canal.
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for expelling urine. And this out-pressing may be attend-
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Ordinarilv infection took place first by way of the
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Petfatric Use - Safety arc eheedveness in chidrer hare not Peer estaorished.
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in the feet of one of the patients before you, you see an example
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from general and local debility, and not from active inflamma-
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is a matter in which the whole medical communit}^ have an interest ;