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absorbed, produces general symptoms of toxemia, and, if of sufiicient amount
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mechanical violence, certain chemical substances, extreme heat and cold, and
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stimulant as can be used ; and given in solution in chlo-
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continuance of this organization. I second the motion offered by
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in itself or is rapidly followed and assisted or displaced by pyogenic
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existed upon its investing membrane, the vessels of the pia-mater being very conspicuous,
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men of its kind, and was presented on that account.
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* To the same atmosphere, Buffon, I think, ascribes the plump appear-
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employed in Europe, the writer addressed a number of questions to a gentle-
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it may be accompanied by vomiting, but rarely by convulsions. Bulbar
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on the importance of studying the means of prevention in such a fatal and
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be made upon his bedsores. A refreshing sleep of four hours'
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6.57-677.— Valinle. Eniiiyeme des sinu.s frontaux; tre-
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any were so thoroughly studied as to make it unlikely that
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working^ npward my way toward the attic I foimd granulation tissue
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nor tenderness over abdominal region. I gave him stomach
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In hypernephroma about the only symptom complained of is hema-
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entirely. The bowels should be carefully attended to, and should
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of their lives to obtaining the highest results for the hospital." Dr. Eittell
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fluid condition, is a difficult organ to study topographically, yet a
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of the different symptoms which they are hence likely to evoke. Seocnd,
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resemble Curschmann's spirals, but lack the central thread and the
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'"" ' r.^ ^dhtTZlmTc lawson's injubies to the eye okbit,
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ahle from a thoroui;h examination to testify, we are
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famous editorial, denominated "Young Physic," which made a
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dosis, or, if this state exists, having, by the measures noted, rid the
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he asserts that the common people have employed it uncom-
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pretty well established that the Diplococcus pneumoniae
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progress, exacerbations, and remissions. During a remission, the discolora-
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I have recently had two cases of this kind which recovered, and I
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indicated, they prescribe it. In the use of two agents they differ
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stomach has been fortified with a good warm breakfast ; and in warm
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a life average of 616, a figure only exceeded by the admittedly
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We conclude our notice with two or three extracts which appeared to be
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the native washerwomen prefer to use the nearby river.
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virtually filled. This may require the placement of mul-
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On the other hand, the more advanced the pathologic
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