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gin." * In it I write : " There are, without doubt, a great

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strains studied. In general, it is quite resistant to bacterial attack. 42

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Under authority from the Secretary of War, conveyed by letter

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Relinquishing the attempt to attack the right lobe of the tumour, he made a

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* Read before the Joint Meeting of the Southwest Virginia and East Tennessee Med-

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The record of Duncan's life and commanding personality is

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'"■ ^l'-i"i- "lii> Il -li-iiki in- llif >.i-,-. tlr Im^mt luhf >,in h,. ,,tniit,-J ,,nj thr

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the bladder; and once in each of the following organs: the adrenals,

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eases. In a recent case a patient had pneumonia and

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named tracheo-bronchitis. If the inflammation is general over the

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hjemorrhage having occurred in the tubercular area.

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either scanty or suppressed, has a greenish-yellow cast. There

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they will best promote the interest of the service and

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1960. Kitchell, J. Roderick, Abington Hospital Medical Office Bldg., 1245 Highland Ave.,

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urine early became scanty in amount in spite of the fairly large quantities of

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(le Vorgunisme. Poisons du tube digestif. Par A. CnARRix,

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madness," but one discovers that it is used throughout the work

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well in iiout, in witness of which I cite the following cir-

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quantity of the salt solution, they observed no oedema nor increased flow of

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or inflamed gums. Dr. ^V. A. Duncan had seen the op-

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in the development of a brown or yellowish-bro]im color

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tory in the extreme. AH my eflbrts to pass the third

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Vermont, published in Boston, 1815," gives an accurate account of Cerebro-Spinal

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European writers as the cause of fowl cholera, and can not

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books and articles as were received too late to appear in the present series.

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States of this Union, has again made evident the imperative need