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matriculation, $5 for demonstration, and $30 for graduation.

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arterial capillaries, the muscles of respiration participating in the

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the edge of it fairly into view. The incisions can now be formed

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and flesh kept up amazingly ; the failure of both, however, was

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question, and the reform, which appeals to every clean-minded

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rupted by occasional paroxysm of pain, which were readily re»

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merely secondary, and not a necessary part of the action of

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become adherent to them and perforated over them. There is

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general loss of nervous power, allows the blood to pass freely

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an ordinary cough bottle. Ten ounces will contain dr.ii of each of the lat-

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when it does occur, very specific and well marked ; but first we

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plan. No bed should be surrounded by more than four students;

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make some remarks on the neglect of the rule requiring a critical ex-

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exercise, and sleep and food, as I do, — or who enjoys, from

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ments, is to be attributed, no doubt, to the circumstance that the

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ages of its ripeness, with the microscope. It necessarily follows,

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drops of a tincture having less than a grain to the ounce, or about

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as falls to the lot of most men. Retiring from the army, he

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not being a lucrative* calling, and why is it that so many fail and discard it