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from the aorta '" into the iliac artery of the limb

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table. They should be wrapped in a sheet or blanket oxer wliich is

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surrounded by a gelatinous edema; right inguinal glands somewhat enlarged;

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"The cases, however, in which I should expect this remedy to produce the

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tured with its effects that he considered it a duty as well as a

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" The Paris Medical Record " is the title of a new venture in medi-

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next collateral trunk. On the distal side of the arterial throm-

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The writer goes on to describe the history of rodent ulcer, so well

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camphor, to remove, if possible, the exhausting seminal emissions, and

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fibrin, altered by the loss of its alkali, which in the normal state is

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glands, and while that has been disproved wc might with

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some particulars but the substance thereof was continued in force.

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time after the pain has increased, is evident from a consideration

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gressive loss of sensation in the abdominal walls; it was now

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attack, the lack of the characteristic cyanosis and flushing, and the

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By means of such a work as this, prepared by an eminent prac-

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Surviving are his widow, Joan; a son. Dr. Frank Flint,

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with inclination to vomit; offensive, flatulent eructations, and, some-

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the dangers of the technology: skin burns, a problem he

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has not followed. The inference drawn is to the effect

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similarly packed with parasite -lad en cells. Intestinal

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opium ; is in a very weak state ; breathing laboured ; pulse 154. Both purging and

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feeling and palpating the enormous kidney before opera-

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The disease always begins in earliest childhood. So far as direct

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complexion ; hereditary transmission ; the milk of a nurse infected

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on physical examination which enabled him to say that

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HLoussay (F.) Quelques reiuaiques sur les lois de Invo-

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of those from allopathic schools had no difficulty in getting

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acic organs Dr. W. inserted a medium-sized operating needle into the in-

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the terms pelvic abscess, pelvic cellulitis, peri-metritis, peri-

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To any interested surgeon or obstetrician, we will send literature with full particulars of technic

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and loss of water from the system; (3) intoxication and infection. The

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siderable cardiac enlargement might escape clinical demonstration.

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may be the cause of a nervous complaint. I can give

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EnoLOGT. — In lardaoeous spleen the walls of the vessels and the

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is not comprised within its local manifestations ; but that (however mild

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The woman was dirty, the lying-in room was a close ar\d

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Countries, States, Cities, Towns and Villages, and Preven-

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symptoms have an obvious physical cause need not prevent one

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