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dietetic treatment in diseases. Nature's indications as re-

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AsHBURNE AND Craig (1908). Philippine Journal of Science B.

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elastic tube through these masses, and give softening enemata. The

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effect of salvarsan upon human syphilis, for which we possess now

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Oasb IX, — ^Workman, aged twenty-five, with no alcoholic habits,

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See JBrachet (Jean-Louis) & Fouiihoiix. Pliysiolo-

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tissues altered by the injury." The patient may have appeared

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necessity of a renewal of hospital treatment and hospital care.

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cemia, 31 ' 33 puerperal sepsis, 34 or postabortive

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use the drug as an antipyretic. Moreover, digitalis is some-

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activity while on therapy. There is no danger of droplet

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where a disinfecting chamber is available that plan of disinfection may be

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any general rule is to be laid down, it certainly is that

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Ossification of the laryngeal cartilages and loss of their elasticity.

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practical value. It is earnestly to be desired that the medical

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men ; but as our treatise is confined to tiie consideration of the diet of our

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At a recent meeting of the Yorkshire Branch of the British

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