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stances most favorable, then, for the growth of the tubercle bacilli
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actual infiltration of the splenic and hepatic tissues by cells
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showed a tumor the size of an egg in the left part of
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apartment houses; 11 in three-apartment houses; U in houses of four
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operation would often turn the balance against the patient.
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of the ascites after paracentesis, as a differential diagnostic sign
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Treatment, Mental Therapeutics and Suggestions. Blakiston,
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provisions which it would be necessary to introduce into an amended Act, in
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scientific subjects. It is true that the public is often (too
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trazodone for sale leg syndrome
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Table 4 presents a summary of the pellagrins definitely known to
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Child Psychiatry Clinical Case Conference, first Friday, 1:00 p.m., Arkansas Children’s Hospital, Child Study Center Conference Room H5727
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logical phenomena call for study and differentiation. Normal
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person of a traveller returning from the Congo, in whom he found the
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one ease in which quinine decidedly aggravated the spleenitis.) Then
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5. Birmingham Post-Herald’s World Almanac 1977, p. 127.
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Late rigidity and contracture usually, but not invariably, occurs. The
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annexed from Dr. W. S. Preston, Patchogue, L. I. : " Mrs. B.
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Oreiin^iKiiption. l~iaea*le«, 13-4yphoi]sfever,3— Moppiige In the t>ow«}f, l^dysantery, Sl^irop-
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one-half to three-fourths of the time occupied by a respiratory