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to one L + dose of toxin. The toxin was not diluted

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sliced or bruised), boiling water a quart; infuse till cool, and

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here ? 'No elaborate apparatus is needed ; practically no expendi-

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correspond with the whole content of the disease-concept. When there

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(,;) A rieh \a!iet\ of t.i-e.il .md other bacteria in .i "' nidiu^ "

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phia and New York, a personal supervision over the welfare of our

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observation in the hospital at the time, so that the student may

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to a wheal covering the entire area exposed in five and a half

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I ;fI..-;MM\ I iilMi",,!,,, 111, \ licii llic -i.ilp li.i- Incii I Ik huultIiI'. w.i-licJ.

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North Carolina a great deal of good, by Society at its next annual meeting,

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augumented in force to supply somatic muscles with blood,

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is ineffective; the optimal dose may be 36 to 50 million

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than once, and complained of feeling sore and tender at the part. There was

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appear, and heredity seems to play no part in it. In monilethrix the

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the left side was enlarged near the fimbriated extremity. On

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and slight dyspnoea. The right vocal cord (seen with difficulty) was

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an abdominal organ). We see such an association not only in mumps

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upon the cord, from passive congestion or serous effusion. In this

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Columbia," known as the "Antivivisection Bill," has been de-

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average standard of height, of lymphatic temperament, and

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parts of the body. If these are confined to one organ or are only recog-

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the growth ; the kidney, however, was removed in its entirety, as I was

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medical spheres into a giant ecosystem of total patient care,

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dose of the toxin injected into a guinea-pig weighing

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Pressure on any of the large venous trunks, obstructing the now of the

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are dyspnea and cyanosis. The result of an examination of the chest

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the many unfavorable comparisons of intubation with

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bring it up. Pain begins with the implication of the pleura, and has

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can claim that the risk from the mere operation has been consider-

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either altogether excluded, or the patient is allowed to

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made their way down the mountain side and finally reached the

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with a semi-pellucid pellicle, of a greyish substance, resembling coagula-

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cases which Bramwell(^) has recorded as intermediate between

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Surgery, New York. New York: Surgery Publishing Co.,

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obtained from the dust of soil which had been inoculated and then allowed