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sity Hospital, etc. Philadelphia : P. Blakiston, Son &

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the calorigenous centres — which comprise every living

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our continent has passed through all the so-called critical phases of the long

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kinlosh, vol. I. being a portion of the .. .- .:.. . > , , -/^

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Occasionally it is proper to commence treatment by the administration

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kins' will that the hospital should form part of the medical school,

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animals that are being considered for listing as either

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insured had suffered from a strangulated hernia the year be-

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never recovered its tone nor its muscular strength and

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jaws were weak — had snuffles and grunted— rolled the eyes and doubled

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drinking-water, which previously had been polluted with ordinary fecal

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The Prognosis is unfavourable, and the Treatment must

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undertaken ; otherwise it is always active. There is marked rigidity

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able to the patients, being very pleasant to take and of great utility in the

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would compel these women to seek an elementary education in mid-

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made in preparing this paper, I could find no record

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reported, by Mayor, in which the lesion was also limited to the inner

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involve delay and difficulty. The prevalence of typhus and exposure to

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but in no case was there any local reaction at the seat of lesion.

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the blood, circulating through the nerve centres, will have a

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state preceded the maldigestion, and the influence he be-

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in discussing this question states that out of 50 women who

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reaction, with a note on the oculo facial muscular group.

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throughout, are due to the abominable system of wells

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Avhether the injection be given in the neighbourhood of the affected

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associated with profuse sweating. But this author states that neither

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Having passed in Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathology, the soil is

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will fill the place of the omission and accomplish the objects

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