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. * General convulsions with tetanic rigidity of the limbs,
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and washerwomen. This hospital is fortunate, also, in the posses-
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during which the patient was very weak and acute dilatation of the heart
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the pupil — unless the persistent vomiting, constantly present, is
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embarrass medical examiners in advising in the prosecution of
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compared to the other professions or avocations of life. To-day it is different,
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of variola were known to exist in the immediate neighbourhood-
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of this service has been that in spite of the fact that all applicants
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rather preferable. The misiiira ammoniaci and spirilus cethe-
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was 0.7. The prothrombin time was 13 seconds, and his
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onran or cavity which the medical witness had neglected to examine, (mg-
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cases that had recovered in her section of the county, every one of them
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cubic inches. So far, then, as these experiments go, they show a
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Ueber die Orbital-TJnterlidcysten mit Micro- resp. Anoph-
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pulmonary U'dema, /"it "ii/;/ irhfn tlnrf in ixudnliini m
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mortality was attributed principally to the following special
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Thorax. — The upper lobe, and upper half of middle lobe, of right lung condensed
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redness and vascular engorgement such as the violence of the symptoms
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extension of pharyngitis or gastritis. Occasionally it may follow a
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William Russell, 46 Albany Street; Editor of Transaetions, Dr
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tinues to burn brightly, the air will be found sufficiently pure for the
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able to perform this series of operations in less than an
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he asserted that the only real difference between this
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been used. In a work published in Edinburg in 1817, entitled " Obser-
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are opposed to them, and which can alone make known the nature
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I'lau- XIII: Ergebnu*e der Neurologie und Psycbiatrie, Zweites
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aluria. This experimental oxaluria is associated with
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site side, but upon the side corresponding with the
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even this protection is not sufficient. At Nice, Cannes, and
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delirium, great sensitiveness to slight irritation of the organs of special
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expressed the hope that some way would be found of punish-
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the head not infrequently ; secondly, that every one-sided headache is
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The success of this campaign will neces- teaches the public to recognize the symp-
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be overestimated, and the first solid diet permitted
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any desire on the part of the patient to make himself out worse
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up the needle holder are readily detachable. The peri-
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