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1911, complaining of cough, expectoration, dyspnoea, and the feeling of

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cautions the danger of consecutive inflammation of the cord and membranes

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870. Biting, sharp taste, and prickling on the tongue. ^-o"o"f~A*

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• provide a long-term reinforcement of your oral counseling.

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in the neglect of the underlying disease, of which it is

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compress or lacerate it; frequently, however, it is not injured

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think it is more easily adjusted about a gi-owth than any

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school of Alfort, and on the other he makes the blank asser-

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tion. Nor is this aU — the passage of the colouring-matter of fresh

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Proc. Roy. Soc. Med., 1919, xii (Sect. Laryngol.), pp. 75 and 88.

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in size. Similar areas are seen on the cut surface. In the right cephahc lobe the

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St. Bartholomew's Hospital under the care of Dr. Norman

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in addition, if the student is in the institut, thirty marks a month ; if in the

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syndrome than a proper disease. Certain forms, however, appear to pre-

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not likely that the velum would have improved audition.

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1958. Ayella, Alfred S., Jr., 1213 S. Broad St. (47)

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common sense and a practical knowledge of the world are more qualified to

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As a fundamental difference between them, Mr Hutchinson insists, pei'haps

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necessarily the lower the standard. The Navy Board examines

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be bands of adhesion extending in various directions

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for nasuea, for faintness, for bodily derangement, for a chill, for an over-

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or to the leader aud the profession, as well is thought by the more observant members

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an early period may increase in size until they fill the entire

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This fact led the editor of the Journal to write his Modem Horse

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never been unable to stand, but cannot walk more than a step or tv^'o with

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theater commander are shown in the general layout plans which

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evidence, that the laryngoscopic appearance of every case

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des Hopitaux in Paris, M. Dujardin-Beaumetz exhibited a flattened leaden

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Femur and the Hip-j)int with Chronic Periostitis of

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thought it advisable to withdraw some blood from a pa-

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the convulsive attack at the third month, or it would prob-

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icDougall, whose death, after a prolonged period of ill

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[The above communication explains itself; the list first submitted to us con-

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forted with your idea that it is a blessing. Will you please

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