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compress or lacerate it; frequently, however, it is not injured

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iu good condition. She Irad resumed her work in the

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Among the means resorted to for this purpose counter-ir-

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Read before the Arizona Medical Association, May 20, 1909.

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the fatal result need not be anticipated, and yet the information obtained

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places in cities where daylight illumination is reduced by the, walls

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gest that the preventive power may after all be a physical and not

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near at hand, and that the supply of the remedial agent derived

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cross-examination, I found he had morning sickness some months prior to

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a billiard-ball in size. The tumours were cystomata, dermoids, parovarian and

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also be mentioned that albuminuria was recorded in only one of the five

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produced by the subject. Either more or less heat may have been gener-

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seed, or bran tea, barley water, the infusion of the bark of the

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the influence which certain articles of food are supposed to

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grounds for believing that, in certain states of the atmosphere,

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start can be made by modifying as much as consistently possible all

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ment. Should it, however, be adopted, care should be exercised to

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As a general rule, conclusions are limited to the cause of death, and no refer-

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characters from human leukemia, and should perhaps be

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artificial diet. After many unsuccessful experiments, a remedy

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* " Ueber die Gesetze der Epidemien des Scharlachfiebers," Wiirzburger Disser-

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the hospitals of the Crimea ; and Clara which, if it is not checked, will degener-

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under the head. The two middle lines represent the excursion of

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evidently apoplectic, in which the only paralysis that followed the seizure

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The theories which Dr. Burq had promulgated, for the

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to a maximum of sixtv da vs. Then follows a considerable lessening

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has been the common knowledge for many years. It is hoped that this method

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try, there is doubtless more or le^s speculation as to what is the status

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perature, the amount of sewage, efficiency of flushing,

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in the open air in the .\dirondacks does not seem so

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the same time that I did, and attained good results. Instead of aban-

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point. Mr. B. has denied (.Journal des Progrcs for 1827. Vol. IV. p. 149 ct

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foot-ache — and we cannot do it. But here is a case

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In no case have there been associated cutaneous or retinal

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the exudation must undergo, in order to be ^Uy excreted from the economy. To this