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Burns, J. E., Concord; Med. Coll. of Va., 1923 1923 1928

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A Crowing Child. (New Jersey Reporter.) — H. A. L— — is

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Dr. J. C. MuLHALL : Catarrhal ulcers occur usually in some

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handsome i2mo volume of 512 pages, with 285 engravings. Cloth, $2.50, net. Lea

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of them are no more fit to be trusted alone than little

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tumours, and so forth, may also cause sciatic paralysis. The

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scribed in the other case, and tlie cliild was immediately relieved.

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peritoneal dropsy. This affection will be considered in connection with

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liave recourse to mercury ; we are not to be bound by an in-

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the patients were under one year of age, and the oldest child was

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the whole of one lobe of a lung, or more frequently

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believe that few physicians will be found to refuse their tes-

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1. If the operation is accurately performed, it insures union by first

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potassium iodide in fifteen-grain doses, three times a day.

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patient should never be allowed to expectorate except in a

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Sunjical Lectures and Essays. By A. ^NIarmaduke Sheild, jNI.]].

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with secondary peribronchitis, and gave as my opinion that

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