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beef tea into tJie rectum. From this time he continued sinking. The skin assumed a

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" Koch has never seen the remittent form of the malaria in the

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Ueber den diaguostiscben Wert (ler elekti isclieii Duich-

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thought that none such had been recorded. Ataxia was a disease

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The chief marks of the atrophy were the thinning of

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correction of the coefficient K, I encountered a practical difficulty

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Not all forms of hypertrophy, however, are a consequence of the

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is almost always observed, i.e., in thirty-five out of thir-

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of the Free World. These Missions are called United

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of its use in a case of typhus that kairin is a valuable

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this moment that a judge in Picton absolutely refuses to take this as the Register because

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and its rapid growth, has often been mistaken for a malignant process. In

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and the same was true of those on corn meal and rye compared

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and, finally, there are no angles of skin to form " ears," as in the

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phia, read this paper on a case of Universal Erythema

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of the heat spectrum is 13, while that of the chemical is

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and belladonna ointment or a 20 per cent ichthyol or lead-

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with th.e warm bath ; yet it is certain, that it did not prevent

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owing to chronic exudation. More generally, however, the contraction

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** lacunar " angina were really diphtheritic, not only

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While Madame Hahnemann was glancing through the letter,

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Mercury, also, is often prescribed experimentally, but the physician

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Eustace Smith have seen tuberculosis follow chicken-pox.

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1880, i, 677.— Goldthwait (J. E ) A report of cases in

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The hydrolysis of gelatin by acid and by pepsin differs markedly in

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carefully cleansing the orifice of ihe wound a bullet probe

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watched. Experiments with this instrument were carried