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pleural and peritoneal exudates and lumbal punctates.

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Pied-hot varus; i'6section de i)lusieui's os du tarse; re-

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will depend upon the existence or absence of associated infections.

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on the existing fermentations. Actual feeding experiments on dogs showed

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lary glands may vary. In by far the greater number of cases,

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from which he bases these views are largely anatomic

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Medicine of Strasbourg, died on June 19th, at the age

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but there was apparently congestion in each case. The consistence of

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I doubt not that the lamentable scenes displayed at the

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practice review. Between March and May 1968, all staff members were

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It may be thought perhaps, that we here magnify the effects of dis-

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contains about 12 per cent, by volume of albumin. 3.40 p.m. Urine

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emptied, and the surgical instruments and all the furnishings de-

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the cuticle of a healthy subject shall, in a definite process of time, effect

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An attempt has been made to develop such a medium, and in the

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which the protoplasm becomes segmented and finally con-

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steadily worse. The symptoms were intermittent, lasting a

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In the case I have to bring under your notice the patient was enabled,

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msults with acetozone, and not a single patient refused to take it, and

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pericarditis, and it is an important question that yet remains to be solved,

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of its removal nearly forty-five pounds. The following is a short history of the

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pure culture even after four months. The occurrence of cholecystitis

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ing the only ground of controversy between ourselves and

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der to shoulder, banish all personal animosities, do

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which some seemed to think. The University of London went

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nough that I have exposed the history of a disease, which no author

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which have in after-years developed the usual symptoms

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diseases of the mouth, designated the conditions as sto-

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been noticed in connection with the symptoms referable to different anatom-

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fulness, particularly when there is any debility, from a

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ercise vai'ious transparent devices for keeping him,

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hysterical epilepsy and that due to neoplasm can be

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of this method of treatment, will have its weight with the prac-

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At the same time Messrs. Allen and Hanbury, of Plough-