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This evil effect on bogs seems to throw some light on the

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peculiar accident ? Bouchart divides the cases into those in which there

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contained in red blood cells. In 1904 Berestneff described several forms in

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tice, and in which time and opportunity have been postponed or

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with commingled muscular fibres. These are the radiating mus-

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of the disease, not later than the latter part of the third day. The

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sufiicient intrinsic interest to justify the present paper on general

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the class of gentlemen for whom the book is intended as might

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189; new canes admitted on Monday last, 2; number of

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explained to him, he is encouraged in his resistance to morbid

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general and local exanthemata were noted. The local erup-

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globin in the blood. In No. 12, 3.82 gm. of hemoglobin per 100 cc.

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impatient at her inability to do so. " I know it but I

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connection (Foster), we may, as a corollary, assert that interruption of

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wbicb tbe dental engine was employed for exsection of

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this affection there is a total loss of consciousness, with convul-

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were examined post mortem the account of the finding does not always

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solution of sugar could be added ; but sugar acts as an irritant,

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ease. By L. Duncan Bulkley, A.M., M.D., Physician to the New

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24. Rosenhelmer : Pathologic und Theraple der Krankhelten der

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to all those who feel an interest in such a movement, to help

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with overfilling of the vessels ; and only when an effusion of blood, a

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giving the technique of all the newer operations and

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state of things. At that time there was no lump under the tongue,

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occurs gradually through the restorative powers of nature,

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Tlie symptoms of this tolerably frequent, but often

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also an action on the circulation of the spinal cord, and

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tubules were filled with swollen granular epithelium, and between the tubules

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aged persons. An attack does not confer immunity from the disease in

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icas distended hy fluid — but, as the menses had been suppressed only about

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but diphtheria being probably more infectious than they, and

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must be isolated and treated, less, perhaps, for the sake

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merism, Braidism, the odic force of Reichenbach, also called magnetism;

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Steamship Company, and the Southern Pacific Railway called

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value of this decolorization for detecting the bacillus ty-

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This truss has a tempered bar on each side that extends

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upon all matters connected with the subjects indicated by

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The program furnished by the local committee is as follows:

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In size they varied from that of an English walnut to that

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ease, its inefficacy, or the after success of constitutional treatment,

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coat of the arteries is to be regarded as one of the most firequent of

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Astigmatism us auf die Tauglichkeit fiir veischiedeiie

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having presented symptoms of recurrent appendicitis, calling attention

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