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not strangulated. At the splenic flexure of the colon a

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of observing oral catarrh in its incipient stage. Only after severe irri-

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of a young woman, aged tv\^enty-two years, who swallowed

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this mode of treatment he believes furnishes additional support to the

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thoroughly wet from perspiration, withstood without ill effects a shock of

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voice shrill, as if the sound passed through a brazen tube ; cough short,

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chanical contrivance of which the forces and processes might be

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■ eruotattons and pnffinesa of the stomacb. The soanty and higji

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crystals and in larger yield than the hydrocarbon itself, this compound was

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things that pertain to the cure of disease by drugs, we

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affections of the eye besides those we have alluded to in these

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complete and partial spontaneous amputation ; but none

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enlisted under the banner of Hr. Trask, the anti-tobacco agitator, taking

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is often, a heavy tax upon the vitality of the nurse. A frail person, or

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Such cases of malarial infection will only be discovered

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operation of the remedy on the gastro-intestinal mucous membrane may prove

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Case V (No. 88,857).— B. H., a school girl twelve years of

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operation without administering an anesthetic. How often have

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he has put it. They can all relieve those cases by simply cutting down

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full, but soft, the action of the heart irregular, the breathing not rhyth-

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impossible. If granted, a discord is sent through the universe,

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the muscular system becomes restless in various irregu-

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be had recourse to, and it cannot be done too early.

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is undoubtedly true that neuralgia may follow either on some previous ill-defined

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In contradistinction to what occurs in the quartan, the adult para-

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power of motion ; the sensibility was only slightly affected. The

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CtRO-s (1909). Bulletin de la Societe de Pathologic Exotique.

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apparatus as a factor in disease, as we understand it.

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fore the Society of Physicians of Vienna, the subject of which is so

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knowledge made by the microscope labour under the same disadvantage.

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every one of our large towns, each of whom would subscribe