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the country, that this righteous law will never be re-
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Assistant Physicians and Lecturers in St. Mary's Hospital, London.
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overcome. 3rd, there is the expelling power, the uterus and
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are presiding: over this great body. I am reminded of the fact
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panions for the witches' caldron and deeds of darkness and
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chronic and particularly affect the legs below the belly of the gastro-
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rax or abdomen internally varies not materially from
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by the virus of a non-infecting chancre, or by the dis-
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carded cotton, are eulogized. Seeking the comfort of the patient, I
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attention was called in all parts of China to the overwhelming prev-
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sensibility. It appears that he had swallowed a drachm of chloroform, and
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as is necessary, which is probably once or twice a week. I con-
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thalmia neonatorum appearing at the clinics, for the
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in the expenditure of nervous energy, and if the nerv-
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jection der Kollischer'achen Kalkliisuug; Zerfall der
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With regard to the (piantily and proportions of gold and iron to
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breath and excretions, and finally by the property which it communicates to
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one, particularly for so conservative a country as Eng-
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for tumor of the antrum, was first proposed by Lizars in 1826,
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things that pertain to the cure of disease by drugs, we
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investigators, pathologists and clinicians join in the contention
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' kubisagari,' which means 'he who hangs his head.' If. the
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and it again becomes the duty of your Secretary to gather up its varied
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until a later hour in the morning, and to limit the after-
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excepting with caution in the chronic stages of the disease.
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so slowing the heart, it is in reality a much more complicated
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one year, £10 ; perpetual, £20. Extra fee for Dresser or
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cosa was capable of immobilizing and destroying sper-
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profuse perspiration, and no urinary changes. The form of
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" 'J^he instrument was introduced about an inch below the anterior
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the vessels or to ulceration. The hemorrhage may be profuse, and, ruely,
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Bryonia is indicated by the following symptoms : The muscles of the-
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trivial case into a seiions one. Those physicians who have practised
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speaker's own alma mater, had been merged in Toronto University
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the surrounding surface new skin has formed round its margin,
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experiences, which have been with somewhat different cases than
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ounces of water, which he is instructed to inject into the anterior urethra
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cc. of blood and is sufficient for transfusion. The
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tion to the Council with its agenda. Part I proposed changes
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A chronic constriction of the lumen of the trachea or of a, bronchus.
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damages, conjunctivitis, pharyngitis, and rhinitis, pale before