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the events denoting convalescence was the return of the epilepsy.
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and in this particular house since Feb. 13, 1907, although her husband
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is not augmented, but becomes very abunclant when the inflam-
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In the 1887-88 outbreak we also traced all cases to direct
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any contributions that may be due from liim, and sig:iifying
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than the leg ; and the explanation of these peculiarities is to be found in
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teaspoonful into as much water as one gave of milk (boiled)
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they may be given in tea spoonful doses, two or three
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transverse diameter, its walls retain the fcetus in the
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the loss of the uvula and palate, in several cases that threatened
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chiefly by the absence or very short duration of the stage of
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been brought into use, or where, from keeping the patient too
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the differences in result, with those made out by the other
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In the discussion which ensued Dr! R. J. Wenner suggested that Dr.
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Berlin, Baden Baden, London, and Frankfort-on-the-Main all
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and opportunities for its practical pursuit so universal,
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definite physical basis for this defect, but certainly
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In sections of the tunica vaginalis in Guinea-pig VII there are as many as nine
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announced merely by the pulse. By the .late Professor Rush, the
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ceding parts of this paper, a preliminary inquiry suggests itself,
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A Simple and Aeenrate Method of Diagnosing Tertiary and Latent Syphilis
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so realistically worn before they leave the chair fac-
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ment and hypertrophy of the nasal membrane. In such cases
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Three or four perfectly typical cases of trouble in the feet
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Treatment was begun with a calomel purge, followed by a saline,
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ible exacerbation or activation of systemic lupus erythe-
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the least consciousness on the part of the patient, that he has
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the intestines, or inflammation of the same with fibrinous deposits.
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is so readily diffusible that it is hard to believe that it is not excreted
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When I examined the patient (July 16th), I found the following con-
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feet, face, and, also more rarely, on the lip, is often
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have tried it in but one case; in this, it did not act as a hydra-
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also, is of a more decided pink than in the European eye.
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spaces or at a point where the peritoneum will not be involv-
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and it is therefore likely that many reactions which he
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Vunderpoel, and according to his suggestion I gave powders of morphia
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the tube into the stomach of the child. If there is fluid