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changes described by Widal and Marinesco in their case may be readily accounted

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the blades are removed, the strain comes alike upon all the

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in a Ludwig's nerve-electrode, the protruding wire? of which were

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that a case of diphtheria, pneumonia, or any similar disease can be

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raent. Unless this is done thoroughly local recurrence ensues, and

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N. Y.. 1889, iv, 643- 079. — Oldendorff ( A. ) Ueber

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with one fore-finger, first with the eyes open (which he will do unless

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such a supposition ; it rests on conjecture alone. It is only in a certain

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sequestra were removed by operation, the cavity of Highmore being thereby

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yellow fever pursued their ravages simultaneously, and, so far as is

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stools contrast strongly with those of typhoid or yellow fever by pre-

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him in 1S69. He held a membership in numerous liter-

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it will be found necessary to possess an accurate knowledge of the relative

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that the large class of dyspeptics which we come across

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struction in the smaller bronchi, or other impediment, hinder proper

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governing code do for us during its last 25 years that the

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V .ta.:! ^ L^r. John C. Riley, of Washington, D. C,

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(b) The service of the interior functions both in peace and in

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diarrhea, salivation, muscular twitchings, increased frequency of respira-

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weeks ; if during that time, the patient exposes himself to cold,

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exertion, either over the sternum or elsewhere, occasionally far from the

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platelets. A high yield method using arabinagalactan (Stractan) solutions

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right up against the abdominal wall ; but that did not make the

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number 447; this represents 919 distinct presentations. Each gift

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associated symptoms will determine the accuracy or falacy of

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eral neurosis are usually present, i. e., irritability, lassitude, insomnia,

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The glncoside is not always pure and the dose is uncertain

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consider the condition of the heart and arteries at this age in

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accuracy of the records of the apparatus. M. Rouget has

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organic life to the internal stimuli which it receives imcon-

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pressure, into a semi-dry, mealy mass. In this condition the

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Others present: Doctors Dettmann, Stuff, Weston, Bell,