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tics the wounds healed, and the patient progressed to full term, and was

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themselves in the structure of the kidney, and which, whether

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ioterpositum and choroid plexus were also universally turgid. There was no evidence of

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suppose that it is a governing principle in therapeutics to employ remedies or

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KossMANN {Milnchen. med. Wchnschr., 1900, S. 362) removed from a

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that were stabled subsisted chiefly on natural hay in which the

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Write or, call your nearest BENSON LABORATORY for further details.

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plied externally, and strychnine in y,i,, grain doses

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thrombophlebitis of the leg manifested itself. He recovered

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arteries rhythmically decreasing and increasing the respiratory movements. This

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tions made to him, he may fall a victim to this temptation. The very

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by the natural passage with as good or a better result for the mother. It

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in regard to the policy likely to be pursued by the present

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picked lint saturated witli carbolized oil. over whicli

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Medical Inatitations are authorised to send Delegates to the State Medical

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and Tiilloch, with partial success ; T. evansi, by Novy, McNeal and

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Nach Exenteration eines Auges Herabsetzung der Seh-

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stipulated the use of a Mikulicz handkerchief with three

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tissue whioli it supplied, and douht had arisen whether tho im-

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Mississippi, at the same time extending its benefits to such eastern

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Eundle's method, as the separated cases were in one or two wards, adminis-

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in the region of the breast, legs, axillary and facial

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arise in remote parts of the cutaneous surface. Occa-

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and maintained as long as is desired. The purpose of

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adventitia, together with thickening of the walls of the

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bed. The third day we took off his dressings, and found the stump

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The convalescence from an attack of all the forms of bilious

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intimate nervous connection between the brain and the sexual organs requires no

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child can be plainly felt in the lower strait the forceps

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a combination of aloin, strychnia and belladonna, or a mercurial, are

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anajsthesia without ocular paralysis, in which case the topical diagnosis would