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The palate behind this Hne was simply a mass of foul gangrenous slough,
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taneous observation with a normal eye, that of an officer or orderly.
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can affect them ; but it is not the less right, and good,
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fectly useless. He asserts that there can be no curative action
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employed in its crude condition, unless working formulas
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endothelial leukocytes laden with cell detritus. The surrounding fat
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All unnecessary intercourse with the patient, by his family and
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it can generate it, the thermal condition of the part will be
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I find Resinol an excellent preparation; as close an approach to
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supplied by arteries arising from the internal carotid. In
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or other symptoms of disease is considered by many a
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and long, and are generally in twains or threes, thickly
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sound — but the bruit begins during the latter — that of tho
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sen tlicMU for the very reason that they are aniicted with some bodily
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2 Bdn. 1 Bd. mit 106 Holzschn. 8vo. pp. 372. Stuttgart:
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educated practitioners, and " Do unto others as you would have
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of the heart in cold-blooded animals to the cerebro'spini^l nervous syst^n, imdthQ f^^
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there is no essential pathological connection between rheumatism and chorea,
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or directly due to the cause of the obstruction itself. The
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Health and Social Services’ Advisory Committee on Community Program
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In the lethargic stage the patient passes into a more sleep-like state.
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Supervisors, Dr.s. G. II. Gay, D. McB. Tha.xter, S. Boston. Commis-
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The diagnosis can be made only by bacteriological examination of the
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and slight serous eiFusion into the cells, then, the circulation in the
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proposition that the properties of electric light are simi-
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is being done for Graves' disease. In the first class of case the
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Another great prize was granted to Dr. Brunetti, of Padua,
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usual concomitants of symptomatic fever, viz., thirst, anorexia, pain in
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mind and the one with mind fully developed but later become
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391.— Toulouse (E. ) & iUarchaiid (L. ) Paralysie
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interest in so far as certain observers have ascribed to them a role in
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the latter, that Steffen's cases, in which eight children were
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water used by some European cities is not an ideal to strive for under