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the shortest, and the fourth pair the longest. The tarsus has a

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able to appendicitis, just as they are more vulnerable to contagious

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which it is compelled to respire, will soon fall into a state of lifelessness. A

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much water or too great an exposure to air will counteract the heating process.

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trarlsl.: Encycl. internat. chir. [Ashhurst], Par., 1883,1,

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le^^ remote. In some cases they are disseminated in nodules, or tubercles,

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order to illustrate the fact that antitoxine can be used to

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tals of the city. Dr. Emerson in a survey of Health Dis-

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inferior is deflected, and flows directly from the lower extremities,

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Fisher, of Dudley, for a more detailed account of a case illustrating the same

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U.S.C. 1395x(jXD). This latter provision defines a SNF as a facility which

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warmth on the surface. In some persons, coffee produces a

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weight they are to be placed back with the shipment. The service*

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of the fat cells and their relation to the antecedent meso-

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mass of plumes of minute, hair-like needles which contain one-half

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character, which is usually the first noticeable symptom. It is a diffuse, not

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the heart is that it beoomes globular instead of conical or elongated, and

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Richmond, Virginia, of a department in that it is for the welfare of the whole peo-

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dry, urine scanty, lochia almost colorless, palpitation, bowels constipated.

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(S. D.) The employment of the Kalt suture in critical

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and toes. Many examples could be added from the lan-

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and the difficulty is removed. In view of tiiis danger,

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This condition looking like suppuration, I enucleated the

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select that profession which stands most in need of pro-

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angular" region. The phenomena of disappearance and

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eleven of which rain fell heavily, while on the others the

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previous three months. Their mean age was 32.8 years

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causes vascular disease is 55, regardless of when contracted.

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mixture without stirring until a small portion is found to be solu-

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ing the incompleteness of the statistics, the increase of tuberculosis through-