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followed by reaction, contraction of the cutaneous capillaries, and an
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die from the bite, either of hydrophobia, rabies, or other trou-
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were on that account admitted to the home and were here treated with
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Among the gravest symptoms intense capillary congestion, coming on
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" To summarize, the treatment employed was as follows : Great tem-
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of fits of chilliness, alternating with flushings of heat, and there is a
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General Effect. — The cold bath produces in a greatly enhanced de-
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it is claimed for the method in the ease of vegetables and of some
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We find, for instance, in every disease, that there is always
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in the nerve supply of the vessels, and which perform the function of
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removed for four hours, and the temperature rose to 3S.8°. In the
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cannot be taken in adequate amount. I begin the use of easily-digested
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'Look at the increased renal elimination,' triumphantly shouts the im-
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healthy. In summer the weather is very hot, and fruit ices
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the daily Zander treatment until the danger of contracting scar
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it did not bear closer investigation, and the results of the
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In my hospital practice this observation has been confirmed; not in-
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be considered prima furie as pi-actising medicine. Those possess-
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husks of the seeds make cocoa-shells, and a decoction of these
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wished me to withdraw the notice of motion. 1 positively refused,
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are so frequently passed unrecognized or arc mistaken for some
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The spasmodic stage of whooping-cough has no set duration and
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ment, very near the kitchen apartments and near the servants'
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ful of one per cent, solution, holding it several minutes. This,
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derstand why the local manifestations should appear not only at the dif-
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central parts of the body, the blood from the finger tip or ear lobe be-
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the prognosis — rajudity of pulse, marked temperature-variations, a pos-
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granny, who complimented him on his success, and showed
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typical changes resulting from water applications ensued just as plainly
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den — The Liver and Glycogen — Fat — Hyperglycemia — Causes of
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