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frey. In a few lines he explains a practical method of
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of antiquity in which we have traced our medical history, after
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tion of the intestines has been observed. Nothnagel refers to cases
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the cranial nerves (Diagram ol), the relationship of the motor
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were wont to disappear and the general condition to improve. In some
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Hart that it was not necessary in every case of placenta previa to
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slough being fouler than in the milder varieties. As there is a
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*6-methylcoumarin (used in perfumes, shaving lotions
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premonitory symptoms, such as lassitude, loss of appetite, headache, and
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milium, xanthoma, and rosacea. The exudation of sebum after pricking
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references are given, and the article is illustrated with twenty-seven
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llie specimen which I present this evening exemplifies
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cated Liquids and the Besidts which have been obtained. — Inhalations of
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cic cavity ; 2, by strong irritation of the vasomotor
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at the pylorus, apparently indicating the passage of liquid
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vision. Ophthalmoscopic examination showed choked disks and retinal hemor-
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in the works of Galen, this must not be accepted as evidence
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tthe lips, or other evidence of impediment to the passage of
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vastly more than soldiers, sailors, and marines. It
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3. The affections embraced under the name Bright's disease. Associated
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In a recent case of the facio-scapulo-humeral type, observed in the
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we believe and hope, in equalizing the knowledge of the
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M. Valleix, in explanation as to the cause which misleads, maintains "that
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cutaneous s)Tnptoms resembling the lesions of scarlet
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yesterday; tongue moist and fur lighter; some bronchitis on right side;
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his comrades. It probably was — as stated — a ' ' pustule " and not a vesi-
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mothers should be particularly watchful against this practice. The use of
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system giving rise to those phenomena as consecutive to a morbid con-
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