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or serous infection of moderate severity. Poncet would say that the
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(2) hypertrophies, etc., causing stenosis of the inferior meatus.
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are the emhryoplastic cells and nuclei of Robin, called 9lso fibroplastic ;
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quehe ; this means that the common defects of school children must
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order has been replaced in recent t im es by a new form and
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elderly people with chronic disease are less liable to
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as low as 16 per cent. With this change in the ability of the kidney
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Hardy 7 states that proteins are amphoteric; that is, that in an
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on the bladder ; it stimulates to contraction. It also
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sists of a spirituous solution of some of the consti-
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labors in this field for some years as well as those of the
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The above was, Mr. Mackenzie remarks, comparatively a mild
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correct to say, with the older pathologists, that the whole disorder
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before the tongue had assumed a normal appearance, as
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• Approved the Hospital Licensure Advisory Board’s
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. . . regular and large size lenses in hundreds of beautifully styled frames
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a neighboring bakery is a very common accompaniment of a
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dissecting bodies ; and the' same practice should be
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columns is chiefly in the postero-lateral columns, as in descending de-
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vous maladies.^ The diseases were all there at that
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tion; but it would not go far toward starting a new
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not be used if the symptoms can be controlled by other safe measures.
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The amount of urine excreted during 24 hours came down to an average
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Thus, all tumours of the softer kind wiU at times undergo so
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caseous bronchial and mesenteric glands, and the strumous testicle where
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of the sarcomatous deposits in the ocular apparatus might readily be
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seventh day of fever, the crisis set in, but after a remission of two
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how marshy grounds, decaying vegetables, and possibly
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recently been introduced into Canada and to whicli foot-gear the
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organ, and that in advising the patient concerning her hygienic
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ances were found in 5 out of 14 below twenty; in 25 out of 53
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from a therapeutic standpoint they are necessarily so,
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ning Simon, of Charlestoa, S. C.; Treasurer, Dr. Rich-
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tion continues, the unyielding pressure on surrounding tissues
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