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It can be difficult choosing a baby gift, especially when its for a chrsitening, baptism or naming ceremony. Key points to consider which may save you a lot of time and enable you to decide which gift will be perfect for you to give and the baby to receive. The Role that you will Play in the Childs Life. Godparents and Grandparents tend to buy a gift that will build the special bond between themselves and the baby. They usually spend more than the regular christening or baptism guest. They often invest in the childs future and buy a keepsake gift. Family Type. Do you consider the parents of the baby being christened to save gifts as keepsakes and be appreciative of them? Not all parents are so sentimental and this is worth considering. Some may appreciate a more practical gift. For example a gorgeous photograph album may be gladly accepted as it can be used today and kept for tomorrow. Practical or Beautiful or Maybe Both. Some gifts are very practical whilst some are beautiful and of course both types are special. Think of the long-term aspect. There are some amazing gifts available which are traditional silverware but will be practical when the child is grown-up. For example cufflinks, may can be engraved with the childs initials. Many gift specialists will engrave them for free. Religious Christening Gifts or Non-Religious Gift. Some religions have traditional christening gifts unique to that tradition. Many parents now opt for naming ceremonies which are typically non-religious. Bibles and rosary beads are examples of religious gifts. There are plenty of options for non-religious gifts from luxuriously soft cuddly storks, to engraved photo frames.

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Budget and Typical Amount Spent. There are many gifts available if you are on a budget. Free engraving is available at reputable gift shops, both online and at retail outlets. By having a photograph or text of your choice engraved onto your gift, then whatever the price it becomes a real heartfelt unique and personalised gift. Some guests will spend a small fortune on the baby and others less, but usually the amount spent in anything between GBP 10 and 200 . At the lower end of the scale is the regular guest and at the highest end typically Godparents, or Mentors along with the Godparents. Traditional Christening Gifts. In the Victorian era silver was a valuable metal and therefore silver gifts were given by means of providing the child with financial security. Silver christening gifts are still very popular, and traditional. Free engraving of your message and or special photograph can enhance this type of gift making it even more special. Drinking vessels have always been popular christening presents as in times gone by various types were used by many different religions. Whatever religion the family is, and whatever your budget a lovely gift is a small baby tankard. Usually complete with an impressive presentation box they can be kept forever and are useable. Some tankards are designed with beautiful baby images, shiny as you can imagine, and most can be engraved with your special message. Easy Options for Lower Budgets. Engraved photo frames make a lower budget but very special and personalised gift. There are various styles and usually they are silver plated which also makes them a traditional christening present. Most parents have hundreds if not thousands of photographs of their special one. Photographs always look better in a frame. Childs Financial Future. You may think that its wiser to invest financially for the child, especially when the government now give GBP 50 funding for every baby born. We can draw from this that the majority of babies born in the UK will have a child trust fund set up in the early stages of their lives. You may decide to give money as your gift, but what nicer way to make it personal than with a low costing unique and special gift such as an engraved moneybox. There are lots of styles and themes for moneyboxes these days. Motorbikes, teddy bears, trains, and fire engines are just a few. What a good start in life. Hopefully you now have more of an idea about what you are going to buy for the christening, baptism or naming ceremony. Remember that online gift specialists can take your engraving details online. Should you request an engraved photograph or some personalised text, it may be free of charge to add it to a christening gift of your choice. Enjoy. Source www.articlesnatch.com