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24. Medigreceanu and Kristeller: Jour. Biol. Chem., 1911, ix, 109.

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daughter is living, apparently normal. The two remaining daughters are

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205, diastolic 135; on October 6, systolic 192, diastolic 135; on October 26,

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ganic reduction of this calibre is met with in arteriosclerosis, in

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usually so loud that it may be heard over the whole heart, even as

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observers agree that patients with central nervous system syphilis are

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loss and water excretions from September 7 to 17 (Table 14). During

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ple, published in 1900 the history of a case in which a sarcoma of the

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form an irregular or picket fence curve (Fig. 1, P. B. B. H. Med.

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palpitation was caused once in a case, also under the observation

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accord with the view previously expressed by myself with regard to

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In pellagra we have diarrhea, enteritis, colitis and proctitis. "As the

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goitrous. Acute thyroiditis may occur as a primary disease of the

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to learn that tricuspid stenosis is found in connection with other con-

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and channels would lead us to expect that the effects of back pressure

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disease (Wagner). Then, while hysteria may imitate diseases at the

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