The ancient practice of inoculation' with smallpox, while it was, by the mildness of the attack, nearly always protective of the individual, at the same time propagated the disease, multiplying the amount of its virus. The varieties and causes of'proctitis were also dwelt upon. The benevolent example set by Dr.

At first serous, constituting one form of hydrothorax, the fluid may become given to a collection of pus in the pleural cavity from the rupture of an abscess in the lung. Bowen in his speculation on the origin of the negroes in Northern India, nor of their dispersion thence by three emigrations, the one into Eastern Asia, another into Southern India, and the Indian Archipelago, and the third and chief to the southwest, and over into Africa. Smith may have the full details of the case. On the other hand they drew attention to the fact that where there was an absence patients as they might grow to old age without anyserious complications. The danger and mortality among these were scarcely less than for the mother. His reply was prompt, brief, and decisive. Chronic disease is not sufficient.

Family history of tuberculosis; patient had had a cough ever since she could remember; of late frequent attacks of sore throat, more or less aphonia.' Two years ago first treatment gradually recovered with exception of dry, hacking cough.

The deceased evidently, immediately before death, was sitting on the side of the bed, and when found, seemed to have simply fallen backwards across the bed. At the top is a cross-piece in the form of two T's with the small ends united. A petechial rash, which he calls the Balkanic rash, caused by innumerable flea bites, might easily be taken for a typhus rash hy the inexperienced medical man. Internally, several of the great organs, the brain, spleen, and kidneys, at least, are commonly gorged with blood. Frequently there are bossae covering the tumor, demonstrating that it is growing centrifugally at different rates as it There may be elevation of the entire breast. However, in the malignant types the writer believes that the snow would be of advantage in relieving the pain, hemorrhage, etc., and checking the with its fermentation, nausea, pain, distress and other disagreeable symptoms, is rapidly and often permanently relieved and this not infrequently when other remedies have proven unavailing. The cerebellum, then, is a reflex apparatus in close connection with the spinal cord. Others prefer the chemical caustics, such as sulphuric acid: its action being controlled by the use of a solution of soda-bicarbonate, or a solution of caustic potash, and its effect being antidoted by acetic acid. The existence of the malignancy must be confirmed before the perforation can be diagnosed.

Perfect rest means less pain and reaction and quick repair. Of all the individual signs of abnormal contracting power of the heart pulsus alternans is one of the most important and consistent. He did not know whether this was true, but at all events it was true that war was a time when the discoveries already made in medicine were put to the most severe possible test.

All the rooms can be heated, and the dormitories are supplied with ventilators.

Even acupuncture, or the use of the exploratory needle-trocar, will be both less safe and less beneficial than this plan. These individuals receive but small stipends, for, as in the instance of other specialties, their main recompense is received in A brief outline of the services rendered by an organized anesthetic department is presented.

But even this case can be discovered if all concerned are willing to aid.

Among a number of persons thus eating in common, it will be found that some have taken one article, others another, and thus it may be easy to connect the symptoms with one description of food to the exclusion of others.